What a stark contrast between Robert Mueller’s recent appearance and testimony before the Judiciary and Intelligence committees of the House of Representatives and our president and the representatives who continue to defend him and deny the facts of the Mueller report. With their “attack the messenger” strategy and their attempts to undermine the legal investigative process, they challenged Mr. Mueller repeatedly. However, Mr. Mueller stood strong and defended the work of his team. And he warned our country again of Russia’s (and potentially other countries’) past and present actions to interfere with our democracy.

Mueller spoke the truth with integrity. It wasn’t entertaining, bombastic, pugilistic, crude or offensive. Instead, it was disciplined, restrained and honest. The hallmarks of his remarks were integrity and honesty – two words many Americans have forgotten to value, I fear.

Mueller’s concise statements, impartial and nonpartisan, were a refreshing contrast to Sen. Susan Collins’ tepid response to President Trump’s latest racist tweet. She began by reiterating multiple Republican talking points, only at the end mentioning that the tweet was “over the line.” When questioned during the hearings about Trump’s praise of WikiLeaks, Mr. Mueller firmly said that to call it “problematic is an understatement.” To call the president’s statements and actions “over the line” is both an understatement and beyond problematic.

Mr. Mueller’s testimony impacted me greatly. Many of us are also tired and saddened beyond belief by the existential threats facing our democracy, country, climate and world today. Yet, like Mr. Mueller, we will continue to stand strong, act and speak truth to power.

Beth Schultz


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