I must have been asleep. Living in Maine during the summertime – sunshine and warm water, lobsters and ice cream.

However, far away, in Washington, D.C., Congress voted on H.Res. 246, “Opposing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement targeting Israel.”

Although the vote was 398-17 in favor of Israel’s right to exist, the minority included our own congresswoman. Rep. Chellie Pingree was the only New England representative to oppose this resolution. Was she expressing the sentiments of my neighbors? I hope not.

Has the message not gotten through about what Israel means to the stability of the whole Middle East region? Certainly, 398 other members understood.

We often hear the slander that Israel is nothing but a colonial conquest by foreign occupiers, while the historical facts indicate that the land of Israel had been home to indigenous people before the Palestinians.

The BDS movement should be stopped before it grows. As it is now, its supporters fill their arguments with anti-Semitic accusations that go back for generations.


The BDS advocates do not mention that textbooks in the Palestinian schools are filled with anti-Jewish, anti-Israel illustrations and references; that Hamas is sending into the civilian population of Israel hundreds of incendiary kites and thousands of rockets; that money given to the Palestinians for schools and hospitals is being diverted to build invasion tunnels, and that on each of Israel’s borders, its enemies have deployed multiple rockets aimed at each of its cities.

The only reliable ally Israel has is the United States. Any resolution negatively affecting its economy just adds to its vulnerability.

Alan J. Levenson


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