“Any conversation that isn’t about a shared vision is a waste of time.” – Peter Spear, Spear Strategy

I’m writing this letter to ask Portland residents to vote Kate Snyder for mayor this fall.

Kate brings her leadership experience and talent for facilitation to a City Council that seems eager for a new direction. She has a deep understanding of public policy and the budgeting process from her time as the chair of the school board and now as executive director of the Foundation for Portland Public Schools.

It is my opinion, however, that Kate’s most important quality as a leader is her willingness to listen with an open mind. I encourage anyone to talk with Kate and experience first hand her intelligence, integrity and curiosity. She is undaunted, unafraid and persistent.

If you want to believe in our local government and if you want to feel like the mayor is doing more for you than he is for himself, then I ask that you give Kate Snyder your vote and your support. Our current mayor, regardless of whether I agree with his political leanings, can’t deliver on his promise of leadership and collaboration. The City Council is full of well-meaning and intelligent people, but it appears rudderless as it clashes with the mayor and the mayor with it. This dysfunction has spread to the city staff and created confusion with anyone who has to interact with the city.

I want a leader who not only believes in a shared purpose, but who can work in a way that invites collaboration and cooperation. Kate is the experienced, collaborative and courageous leader who can help Portland be a big enough tent for everyone who lives here.

Seth Rigoletti


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