At some point over the last 20 years, as mass shootings became so awful and so common, American schools shifted focus from Walt Whitman to Charles Whitman.

Compounded over K-12, the amount of time an American child now spends in anti-violence lectures, mass-shooter drills, lockdown instructions, lockdown drills and actual lockdown must amount to a very substantial waste of their education time “teaching” them nothing but brute, animal survival.

Meanwhile, children in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and so on spend that time actually learning the things that will make them viable in the 21st century – a rapidly evolving 21st century, which will grind the unprepared into slurry if it hasn’t already.

The so-called Greatest Country on Earth has a big problem and there’s no easy fix. At this point there may be no fix at all.

Thankfully we have a few dozen microbreweries and cannabis shops opening up every day for those who just can’t stand to look anymore.

Jeremy Smith

Old Orchard Beach

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