Raptor Falls mini-golf in Arundel is now open. CATHERINE BART/Journal Tribune

ARUNDEL —Raptor Falls mini golf, located on Route 1 in Arundel, had its grand opening on Tuesday, Aug. 27, after months of anticipation and excitement.

The dinosaur-themed course, which also serves ice cream, was packed with children and families this week, and owners Bree and Cliff Gajtkowski said that it has been a huge success so far.

The course showcases a large number of animatronic dinosaurs. The largest, the Brachiosaurus, is 18 feet tall, Cliff Gajtkowski said before the course’s completion.

Parents can get a chance to take pictures of their children with a couple of the stationary dinosaur figures. One of the figures, located at the center of the course, was a dinosaur partially hidden inside an egg, and provides a perfect photo op.

“Everything’s been great,” Bree Gajtkowski said. “We’re super happy.”

Visitors can check out the moving T-Rex animatronic near the top of the course, right next to a model volcano, as well as the other large, life-like dinosaurs.


Even though the dinosaurs were prominently on display, most of the guests were absorbed in the game of mini-golf.

Since opening Tuesday, Raptor Falls has been very popular. CATHERINE BART/Journal Tribune

Amy Philbrook, a Saco resident, said that she heard about Raptor Falls through a post on Facebook and was happy there was a new place to take her children.

“The kids love mini-golf, so it’s exciting,” she said. “I think it’s cool. There’s really nothing like it.”

Bree and Cliff Gajtkowski were busy working in the ice cream stand, and various staff members were assisting guests throughout the course.

In July, the couple had said a few construction setbacks delayed the anticipated opening, but everyone working to complete the course was a great help.

“The biggest of thanks to @Castle Golf, Inc. for building our dream miniature golf course!” said a post on the Raptor Falls Facebook page. “They far exceeded our expectations with their hard work, professionalism and attention to detail. They are true artists and we absolutely cannot wait to have them back to build another 18 holes!”


Bree Gajtkowski said she was excited to open a place for children in the Kennebunk community.

“Right now, there aren’t a lot of things for kids to do in the Kennebunk area,” she said before the course was finished.

Raptor Falls will be open seven days a week, weather permitting, from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Visitors can also check out their website www.raptorfalls.com for pricing.

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