I need to alert high school teachers and university professors to please stop doing this.

I heard it again last evening, attending a parish dinner with folks whose children are in college. Their professors said there is no God.

They have no right to say this. If they are familiar with epistemology (how information enters the mind), then they know that the essence of a creator, which has to be beyond all space and time, cannot be known by empiricism, although its existence can be posited through logic, so it is beyond their purview.

I want to tell them to stick to their domain, which is empiricism, at which I’m sure they do well. I myself was happily grounded in all the sciences at the University of Montreal before studying philosophy.

Back a few years ago I taught a course at the University of Maine titled “Topics in Religious Thought” under the aegis of the humanities faculty. It should be reinstated and students referred there when the subject of a creator comes up.

Parents should report delinquent teachers and professors to the proper administrators.

The Rev. Joseph McKenna

retired Roman Catholic priest


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