Your chastisement of Republicans in the Legislature who voted down three of the four bond issues in the special session (Our View, Aug. 28), was appropriate. However, I’m very pleased that my representative, Patrick Corey of Windham, supported both environmental bonds. He was one of only five Republicans voting for the Land for Maine’s Future bond (L.D. 1851) and the only Republican voting for the water quality protection bond (L.D. 1847).

Corey’s support of environmental issues is exemplary, receiving a lifetime score of 89 percent from Maine Conservation Voters. He should be commended for his support of bills such as Land for Maine’s Future, solar power and protecting drinking water quality, to name a few. In the last few years, we’ve made progress on many environmental issues because of the support and leadership of Rep. Corey. We need more legislators like him, willing to stand up for the protection of the Maine environment and the health of Mainers.

In the special session, Rep. Corey gave a strong speech in support of the Land for Maine’s Future bond, saying that it “would invest in Maine’s recreational access, conservation, and traditional Maine industries including agriculture, marine resources, and farming.”

Since the Land for Maine’s Future bill didn’t pass in the special session, voters won’t have a chance to have their say this year. The next chance for the Legislature to take up this important bond issue will be in January. Please urge your representatives to support this important bond.

Bill and Martha Briggs


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