PORTLAND — The city’s Water Resources Division and the Portland Water District are collecting public feedback to better understand the needs and priorities pertaining to water resources.

Portland’s Water Resources Division provides wastewater collection and stormwater management, while the Portland Water District provides safe drinking water, and wastewater collection and treatment. The Water Resources Division and the Portland Water District together protect public health and the environment and prevent flooding.

The 15-question survey is geared toward those who live, work, study or recreate in Portland, and will help the city in creating its Integrated Water Resources Plan, which will help the city prioritize spending on wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and water quality protection.

“My vision is a city that puts clean water in the center of how we live, grow and prosper,” Nancy Gallinaro, Portland’s Water Resource Manager, said.

The survey is available to the public at www.blueportland.org/survey. Feedback is also welcome through the “Get Involved” page of the website.