I am writing with great concern after reading the story in the Portland Press Herald on Tuesday, Sept. 3 “Hurricane Dorian leaves behind ‘total devastation’ in the Bahamas.”

We have seen hurricanes getting more intense more quickly, and many climate scientists have concluded that warmer ocean waters provide the fuel for this faster intensification.

Also, changes in the relative temperatures between polar and equatorial air masses is affecting the jet streams, removing the steering currents that move hurricanes across the earth quickly.

This causes the storms to stall over one area, increasing the devastation that they cause.

As global temperatures rise, these storms will only get worse.

We must work together to reduce the carbon emissions that cause temperatures to rise.


The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The provision to give revenue to households will shield most families from any economic impact from the carbon fee.

Thanks to Rep. Chellie Pingree for her courage and willingness to co-sponsor this legislation.

Without significant action, the consequences of climate change will eventually surpass our ability to adapt and recover from these disasters.

Robert McKillop


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