BIW traffic not much of a problem 

When I read the article about Bath’s plan to alleviate traffic “issues” associated with shift changes at BIW (The Times Record, Sept. 12), I almost laughed myself sick. I cannot believe that they want to spend over $200,000 of taxpayer money to fix a problem that is, in my opinion, no problem at all. Sure, there is extra wait time during shift changes, but having to wait “15 minutes” is laughable. If you know there is going to be a wait, then adjust your schedule accordingly. Bath is a very small town – in larger towns, a 15 minute wait is nothing. 

The idea to spend that kind of money for something as minor as this is a great example of how government wastes taxpayer money. Instead of doing this, why doesn’t Bath spend that $200,000 to fix some of the potholes around town? That would be a better use of public funds. 

John V. Bond, 

MSAD75 teachers ‘stuffing pockets’ 

In a recent election the residents in SAD 75, at no small expense to themselves, voted to give the teachers in SAD 75 a large pay raise that the teachers and their union had demanded. But by a recent letter to the editor that wasn’t enough for them they want more. Is there no limit to the pay demands of the SAD 75 teachers and their union?  

How many elderly living on a fixed income are going to lose their homes due to the increase in property taxes in the towns that SAD 75 covers due to the greed of the district teachers and their union? One thing is clear and that is that neither the teachers nor their union care as long as the teachers stuff their pockets at the expense of these elders. It is time to fire the entire SAD 75 teaching staff, hire an outside contractor and replace them with contract teachers. Maybe then we can get a Mount Ararat graduate who can sign their own name and balance a check book upon graduation.  

Raymond T. West,