As an active member of the Westbrook community, I am (for the first time in a long time), excited about the upcoming mayoral race. The great city of Westbrook has finally hit its tipping point in Phil Spiller Jr., the right candidate to deliver Westbrook a very robust and promising future.

At a very influential age in the 1980s, I stood in awe of Mayor Phil Spiller Sr. A beacon of light for Westbrook, Mayor Spiller was an effective leader of change. His military career painted the picture of a true patriot. I remember being so proud that we had such a decorated veteran as our city’s leader – and I felt safe.

On the foundation laid by Mayor Spiller during those years, Westbrook has since been on a trajectory of growth that supports the late mayor’s son, Phil Spiller Jr.

Phil Jr., a decorated veteran who served our country with honor and distinction before returning to Westbrook, has proven this through countless local and regional organizations and initiatives such as, Discover Downtown Westbrook, the Westbrook Recreation and Conservation Commission, the American Legion, and veterans’ programs. I’ve never known anyone to “walk the walk” like Phil. He doesn’t just promise action and change, he embodies change.

With all due respect to the late Mayor Spiller, I have no doubt that Phil Jr. will make the best mayor that Westbrook has ever seen. His passion is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. In order to launch Westbrook into the future, we must fully understand the past. Not only is Phil a walking encyclopedia of Westbrook history, but he understands how to apply those very lessons to the economic growth, budgetary discussions and business decisions for Westbrook’s future.

Please join me and vote for Phil Spiller Jr.

John M. Burke Jr.

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