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Local Elections
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Windham Planning Board chair challenging incumbent for Town Council seat

David Douglass hopes to unseat At-Large Councilor Bob Muir on Nov. 5.

Former candidate Charles Hawkins Jr. withdrew from the race Tuesday and pledged his support to Douglass.

Douglass decided to run because he does not “like the discourse in the council, and there are a few councilors that I’ve, quite simply, had enough of.”

If elected, he said, he will address development, including zoning adjustments, as well as transportation issues and taxes.

“We have a fantastic tax base based on how this town is set up, but we’re not spending any of our money or our bonding on things that are going to set us up for success in the future,” Douglass said. 

He supports creating a spur to connect the town with I-95.

Regarding disagreements on the council, he said, “We have some people on the council who are just incapable of basic discussion and disagreement. If you want more of the same, re-elect incumbents, but if you want definite change and progress, we need to get new people in there.” 

Muir said there are multiple issues the council has been working on that he would like to continue.

The growth and private roads is a big problem,” he said. “Those are going to affect the town quite a bit.” 

He supports getting rid of cluster subdivisions and focusing on rural character, including instituting a cap on building permits.

Muir said that while there will always be disagreements, “we could do a better job making it civil.”

Everybody has an opinion as to things they want to do for the town,” he said. “Sometimes you get very passionate about those. We’re trying to work together as much as we can.”

Muir is “concerned about the way the town is progressing, not because of anything bad.” Rather, he worries about people who do not attend meetings or choose not to speak in front of the council. 

“I want to make sure everybody has the opportunity to get a voice in,” he said. “I would like to be able to take what people are telling me, bring that to the council table and kind of be their voice at the table.” 

The election will be held Nov. 5.

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