Recently, the University of Virginia canceled its traditional 21-gun Veterans Day salute, for fear of panicking the students.

Colleges offer “safe spaces” to avoid exposure to dissenting views and opinions that challenge leftist ideologies. Grading systems in some schools have been revised to gratify underachievers. Some educational institutions no longer celebrate exceptional achievement by individual students, fearful of hurting the feelings of underachievers.

In a perfect world, everyone gets a trophy, nobody has their feelings hurt, nothing causes disappointment, pain or grief. We insulate our children to live in a perfect world that doesn’t exist!

Many employers today are frustrated with youthful employees who have a mediocre work ethic yet expect rewards. Politicians ignore the laws of economics and promote socialism, ignoring the lessons of history. Educational “experts” promote the discontinuance of teaching cursive in schools, another ludicrous offering from the wacky world of academe that gave us open classrooms, modern math and a host of other failed experiments.

In the real world, nothing is free. Everything has a price. Success requires hard work, sacrifice and good choices. Competition abounds. Our youth need exposure to a variety of choices and points of view in order to make intelligent decisions. They need to be less occupied with choosing a gender and more concerned with learning how to read, write and add in order to function successfully in this competitive world.

We must replace today’s idiocy with common sense and return to time-tested values and methods that prepared students to face the real world.

Richard Schoff


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