Boys Cross Country
MPA Class A Sportsmanship Award
SMAA Sportsmanship Award
SMAA All-Academic – Anthony Breton, Cody Plumley, Justin Tomison, Aiden Willey
Most Valuable – Aiden Willey
Most Improved – Baxter Weyand
Coaches’ Award – Justin Tomison
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Anthony Breton

Girls Cross Country
Class A State Champions
Class A South Regional Champions
Maine Track & Cross Country Coaches Association First Team – Delaney Hesler
Maine Track & Cross Country Coaches Association Second Team – Emmaline Pendleton, Hannah Stevens
SMAA All-Academic – Emma Abbott, Emma Noonan
Most Valuable – Delaney Hesler
Most Improved – Emmaline Pendleton
Coaches’ Award – Emma Abbott
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Hannah Stevens

Field Hockey
SMAA Second Team – Sage Drinkwater
SMAA Honorable Mention – Riley Heacock
SMAA Rookie of the Year (Bonny Eagle) – Chiara Root
SMAA All-Academic – Anna Keenan, Haley Marsico, Kailee Cummings, Valerie Lind, Hannah Milne, Olivia Napolitano, Kaitlyn Palmer
Offensive Player of the Year – Sage Drinkwater
Defensive Player of the Year – Shayla Harriman
Most Improved – Lily O’Connor
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Kailee Cummings

SMAA All-Academic – Shaun Brilliant, Jesse Charette, Alex Dyer, Jacob Esty, Nate Ferris, Cam Gardner, Chase Graves, Will Horton, Zach Maturo, Keegan Meredith, John Merrill, Ryan Tomison

SMAA Central Division Second Team – Colby Sanborn
SMAA Girls First Team – Remy Levin
SMAA All-Academic – Colby Sanborn
Most Valuable – Colby Sanborn
Most Improved – Colby Sanborn
Most Dedicated – Tyler Inman
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Darian Harmon

Boys Soccer
SMAA Honorable Mention – Owen Harmon (B), Ben Atkinson (G)
SMAA All-Academic – Ben Atkinson, Aubrey Denico, Devin Maynard, Ben Sullivan, Ryan White
Offensive Player of the Year – Cam MacDonald
Defensive Player of the Year – Owen Harmon
Most Improved – Devin Maynard
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Tim Zidle, Ben Atkinson, Aubrey Denico

Girls Soccer
SMAA First Team – Madison Boothby (F), Hailey Koons (M)
SMAA Second Team – Gretchen Biegel (B), Randi Lee Robinson (B)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Emily Byrne (M)
SMAA All-Academic – Haley Beaulieu, Madison Boothby, Emily Byrne, Emily Palmer, Emily Ginter, Madison Johnson, Randi Lee Robinson, Kaitlyn Silva
Maine Soccer Coaches Class A South All-Stars – Madison Boothby (F), Hailey Koons (M)
Offensive Player of the Year – Hailey Koons
Defensive Player of the Year – Randi Lee Robinson
Players’ Award – Muddy Johnson, Gretchen Biegel
Coaches’ Award – Emily Ginter
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Randi Lee Robinson

SMAA First Team – Morgan Drinkwater (M)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Emily Bartash (M)
SMAA All-Academic – Morgan Drinkwater, Elizabeth Frankland, Kiara Morse, Kayla Hodge, Molly Austin
Most Valuable – Morgan Drinkwater
Most Improved – Emily Bartash
Most Dedicated – Katelynn Leblanc
Coaches’ Award – Elizabeth Frankland
Bruce Dobkowski Sportsmanship Award – Kayla Hodge

Chiara Root earned laurels for her work on the field this season. Adam Birt / American Journal

Cam MacDonald vies with a TA opponent. Adam Birt / American Journal

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