In response to President Trump’s tweet calling Democrats “human scum,” I take note of the fact that no elected Republican has responded to this demonizing of more than half of the American electorate with a rebuke to the current resident of the White House for his repugnant words.

Although I know Americans have grown numb to Trump’s infantile outbursts, it seems cowardly for Republican officials to remain silent when people who oppose the president’s self-serving agenda are declared enemies and are denigrated with name-calling.

Sen. Susan Collins offered a full-throated and lengthy defense of accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh when she voted to confirm him to a seat on the Supreme Court, yet she remains silent as Trump continues his venomous tirades against those who would uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution by holding him to account for his actions.

This silence from Republicans is deafening, and I can only conclude that Sen. Collins and her Republican colleagues don’t wish to receive electoral support from “human scum” Democrats in their upcoming election races. The lack of courage and integrity demonstrated by Republicans in offering Trump their silent support for his continued lack of decency is not something they will be able to erase from the record.

Ann G. Benz

Mount Desert

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