The issue of climate change matters above all others. It affects everyone.

The news on the topic can be depressing, and therefore does not make for a compelling story in politics or over the dinner table. But we citizens must demand it be the top political priority.

With a uncomprehending denier in the Oval Office, the crisis has become nearly impossible to address – not to mention the huge steps backward that the Trump administration has taken to put us in peril. We must find a bipartisan solution, and soon. As individuals, not only should we do our part to conserve fossil fuels, but also we need to have respectful conversations within our communities about coming dire realities. Urge our local and congressional representatives to act. Work and vote for candidates, state and national, who vow to aggressively tackle the climate emergency.

The country needs structural change and a multi-pronged approach, and it cannot wait. Carbon fee and dividend legislation is an excellent start and is embraced by several members of both political parties. It is essential to keep fighting. Our children are counting on us.

Nancy Heiser


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