NORWAY — According to an incident report released by the Norway Police Department, a Norway man grabbed about $200 from a cash drawer at Cumberland Farms on Main Street in Norway in November — and did the same thing at the Big Apple in Paris a few hours later.

Leroy Martin, 55, of Beal Street entered Cumberland Farms around 1 a.m. Nov. 30 and placed an item on the counter to purchase. When the clerk opened the drawer, police say Martin ordered the clerk to step back and grabbed some cash. According to the report, the clerk grabbed ahold of Martin’s hand then let go after he “realized he was being robbed.” According to the police report, Martin frequents the gas station.

Martin then “speed walked” out of the side entrance of the store. The incident was recorded on an in-store security camera, as well as on the dash-cam of Norway Police Officer Stephen Cronce’s cruiser. According to the police report, Cronce and two other marked cruisers were in the parking lot at the time of the theft.

“Unfortunately, the suspect was able to get away because of the delay in relaying the information back to us,” Cronce wrote in the report. Cronce’s dash-cam caught the suspect driving a black Cadillac SUV.

According to Corporal Federico, in a Nov. 30 police interview, Martin admitted to robbing multiple gas stations and he wrote an apology letter to each. Martin also admitted to being “really high” on crack cocaine when he robbed the gas stations.

According to a supplemental incident report written by Federico, Martin went to the Big Apple in Paris a few hours later and did the same thing. That time, the clerk refused to give up the money and shut the drawer on the man’s hand.


According to the police report, Martin threatened to go to his car and “get a gun.” The man went out to his car, while the clerk hid in the bathroom and called 911.

According to the narrative of the police interview, Leroy stated that after robbing Cumberland Farms, he spent several hours smoking crack and went to the Big Apple to get a drink.

“Leroy had spent most of the money he already stole, so when the register opened he again decided to take money. He said this time the clerk refused to let him have any and shut his hand in the drawer. He said he still managed to get $20,” according to the report.

The license plates on Martin’s vehicle were clearly captured on Big Apple’s surveillance cameras.

He was issued a summons Dec. 5, and will appear in Oxford County Criminal Court in February.

According to the report, Martin has two prior convictions for theft-related crimes. Martin was on probation for an armed robbery that took place years ago out of state. Martin hadn’t had any criminal violations within the past 10 years.

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