Harry Every Oxford County Jail photo


MEXICO — According to an affidavit filed by Mexico Chief of Police Roy Hodsdon, a Dixfield man who is now facing an attempted murder charge put a gun to his alleged victim’s head, pulled the trigger and then shot at the victim again at close range.

Harry “David” Every, 49, was arrested Saturday and charged with attempted murder, aggravated reckless conduct, domestic violence reckless conduct, domestic violence terrorizing, domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, burglary and obstructing the report of a crime.

According to the affidavit, police allege Every trespassed at a home in Mexico, drinking alcohol in the basement and hiding from the alleged victims. According to the affidavit, when officers went in the home Saturday they found six empty Bud Light beer cans on a nightstand next to a twin bed in the basement, as well as an empty Bud Light can on top of a white and red cooler and another can floating in water in the cooler that still had ice in it.

According to police, Every came up from the basement around 1:30 a.m. and entered a bedroom, striking the back of the alleged victim’s head and holding a gun to it. Police say Every pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired. Then, according to police, Every reloaded the same bullet and fired at the alleged victim again from approximately two feet away. The gun misfired again.

Every allegedly fired a third shot which struck a wall. Police say Every then threatened to kill another person who was sleeping in the home before he retreated to the basement.

Officers responding to the home included Rumford Police Corporal Lawrence Winson and Officer Brad Gallant, Dixfield Corporal Anne Edmunds and Oxford County Sheriff Deputy Errol Andrews. Mexico  officers Robert Drouin and Lt. Daniel Carrier were also on scene.

According to police, when Lawrence made cellphone contact with Emery, Emery indicated he was going to finish his beer, have a chew of tobacco, and come out of the residence without his gun.

When he emerged and was arrested, police found a .380 caliber round in the left front pocket of his pants.

Hodsdon noticed that the primer which ignites the gun powder had an indentation that was “indicative of a misfire,” according to the affidavit. The unfired round also matched a spent round found on the bedroom floor with the same indentation on the primer. Police also recovered a spent .380 caliber round in the bedroom the wall.

Police also found a .380 caliber Jaminez Semi-Auto pistol in the basement on a shelf. According to the affidavit, the firearm was loaded with “one .380 caliber round in the chamber . . . a check of the unspent round matched the spent round found on the floor of the bedroom and the misfired round found in Every’s pocket.

According to police, one of the victims made a complaint to Mexico police Officer Robert Drouin on Dec. 12 that the victim was concerned about Every’s behavior. According to the affidavit, Drouin recommended that the victim file for a protection order against Every.

On Monday, Every’s bail set at $250,000 cash at Oxford County District Court. He remains in custody at the Oxford County Jail.

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