I have been a Press Herald subscriber for 12 years, and I am not pleased by the decision to suspend publication of a print edition on Mondays and replace it with a digital edition.

Digital and print publication are not equivalent. Throughout my adult life, I have begun each day by settling down over my breakfast coffee with print editions of my local newspaper and one or more national or global newspapers. This is a cherished tradition – something that I look forward to each day.

Others may prefer to get their news through digital media or through the ceaseless assault of television news and online news. There are abundant opportunities for them to do so. I do not wish to do so, and I resent your decision to try to force your readers to move to digital news.

If you cannot afford to do a print edition seven days a week, it would be better to drop Monday publication altogether and make your Tuesday edition a Monday/Tuesday issue.

Michael Mertaugh


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