If Donald Trump is not removed from office, it is important that we do not permanently lower standards of respect for the Constitution and rule of law. Democracy in the U.S. can, I believe, survive a short hiatus.

As such, I think Maine constituents should ask Sen. Susan Collins to agree to two specific concessions:

• She will do everything in her power to allow the next president from the Democratic Party the ability to 100 percent stonewall Congress without repercussions, and frustrate any oversight functions, even if impeachment is in progress.

• For her next upcoming election, she will ask all federal agencies to allow her challenger, should she have one, to seek out and use foreign resources, money and information, what-have-you.

Once the above “free passes” are used up, my suggestion is that we go back to respecting the Constitution and rule of law.

A short lapse of good-government norms is dangerous, but a longer lapse could be a democracy-ending mistake.

If Mr. Trump’s conduct is “just a phone call,” she should have no problem with this “Modest Proposal.”

Roxann White


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