As an environmentalist and a climate change activist, I take issue with John Balentine’s simplified argument in “CMP line poses dilemma for environmentalists” (Jan. 17). He stated, “I reluctantly support the line because I support clean hydropower.” Some hydropower is worthwhile, as long as it doesn’t destroy fish habitats, etc. But as stated by the Natural Resources Council of Maine (, “CMP’s transmission line would do nothing to reduce climate-changing pollution because it will result in no new renewable energy being created. The proposed project is not about climate. It’s about making CMP more money. It’s a shell game to sell existing hydropower to Massachusetts because they’ve agreed to pay more for it. Maine needs investments in renewable energy projects with real environmental benefits, not a massive and harmful transmission corridor that lines CMP’s pockets.” If Balentine can’t bother to get the facts right before he pontificates, perhaps The Forecaster should look elsewhere for a columnist.

Steev Sutton
Cape Elizabeth

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