I hope, and I hope I do not do so in vain, that Sen. Susan Collins will respect my right to know what happened that gave rise to this impeachment trial.

I expect my senators to fight for all the relevant and pertinent witnesses who are needed. Failure to allow relevant witnesses is, in effect, lying by omission. It is “bearing false witness.” It is deceiving people who have a right to know, like the voters.

Lying is not something we should tolerate in a nation that likes to claim that it is “under God.” Lying by omission also undercuts our obligation and right to be an informed voter which is necessary for a strong and free America.

I want to know, I have a right to know and I will accept nothing less than full disclosure of information, whichever way it goes. Respect yourself, respect your neighbor, your country and the God that this country says that it is under. Demand that we hear from all relevant witnesses in this impeachment trial.

Joyce A. Polyniak


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