As a trustee with Maine Audubon, I was pleased to attend the Maine Climate Council meeting at the Augusta Civic Center on Feb. 5. A panel of over 30 policy, climate and environmental experts and stakeholders reported back on what the working groups have accomplished in the past few months and began discussions about actions we have to take to confront climate change.

Scientists from UMaine and other organizations presented findings that made clear what’s at stake – Maine faces more extreme weather, warmer oceans which are impacting our fishing communities, and increases in tick-borne diseases. These are serious impacts that we must confront and they are clear reminders of why it’s so important for us to act.

The Climate Council demonstrates Maine’s leadership on climate action. I found the meeting to be encouraging, with hundreds of citizens and stakeholders turning out to show support for the council and learn more about what they’ve done. It is clear that Mainers and Council members alike are prepared to take substantive action on threats to our environment and economy posed by climate change.

I look forward to attending future Maine Climate Council meetings and the opportunity to learn about the continued work by Council as it develops a climate plan by December 2020. I trust that this plan will incorporate actions that match the seriousness of the problem we face.

John Grew


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