The First and Last Resort Motel has been stripped of all signs, aside from no trespassing signs. Chance Viles / Lakes Region Weekly

BRIDGTON — After receiving no bids for the property that houses the First and Last Resort Motel at 461 Portland Road, the town has decided to put the property up for auction.

The town put out a request for proposals to buy the building in December 2019, but no bids were received, so the Selectboard recommended going to auction to find a buyer.

Town Manager Bob Peabody anticipates the auction will be held near the end of this month in the town office. Conditions of the sale include demolition and removal of the building.

The motel failed to be sold at the first auction. Chance Viles / American Journal

The building was constructed in the 1960s and “was really quite a nice motel,” according to Peabody. In recent years, he said, it was used as both a motel and for Section 8 housing.

The property owner, Jo-Anne Connolly, owed over $18,000 in back taxes, so the site was foreclosed upon in January 2019 for about $420. The town took full possession in May 2019.

“We cleaned up the yard and the woods behind the motel,” Peabody said, a process that took almost a week. “It was loaded with stuff, everything you can think of.”

The town is not maintaining the site, only plowing the driveway. Bridgton has no interest in redeveloping the property.

Peabody said the town hopes expenses incurred to date by the town can be recouped and the property demolished by May.

We want to get the eyesore torn down and the property back on the tax rolls,” he said. 


The entrance to the former First and Last Resort Motel. Chance Viles / Lakes Region Weekly

An abandoned room at the motel. Chance Viles / Lakes Region Weekly

What remains of the First and Last Resort Motel. Chance Viles / Lakes Region Weekly

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