In response to the increased risk of community spread of COVID-19 in Maine, Mid Coast Hospital began limiting visitors beginning Friday, March 20.

The restrictions apply to all hospital, medical practices, Walk-In Clinic and Emergency Department locations. Under the new policy, no visitors will be permitted at Mid Coast Hospital (including Emergency Department, Walk-In Clinic, and Mid Coast Medical Group practices) except in the following circumstances:

· Pediatrics: One parent/guardian allowed.

· Obstetrics: One support person/coach allowed at prenatal appointments, labor, and delivery.

· Discharge: One person allowed for the purpose of picking up a patient for discharge.

· Extraordinary Circumstances: One person at a time if presence is necessary for communication with care team or patient support (e.g., patient with disabilities or end of life care).


· Escorts for Outpatient Visits: One person allowed as an escort, only if the patient requires help with mobility, support or communication with care team, such necessity to be determined by triage or care providers. Escorts will be encouraged to drop-off patients when possible.

For all exceptions permitted above, no visitors under the age of 18 may be permitted.

Infectious disease experts recommend social distancing as a way to help contain the spread of COVID-19. While the vast majority of people infected with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and make a full recovery, COVID-19 can be very serious for vulnerable populations, especially older people with underlying health conditions.

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