As usual, Bill Nemitz missed the real story in his recent blame game column (March 18) on an employer’s memo regarding working conditions during the coronavirus scare. Bill was all in with a sob story piece regarding an employee’s secret email to him. Said employee was bewailing the plight of having to report to work in a well-appointed office while the virus was stalking the streets.

Perhaps, instead of highlighting this person’s “plight,” Bill could have been extolling the virtues of those employees manning the grocery stores, supermarkets and other high-volume venues, where they face a steady stream of customers while standing mere feet from all who may come by.

They are reporting faithfully to work, ensuring that food and other essentials are available to the public. They do not have the protection of a secluded office where foot traffic is all but non-existent. Yet they rise to the challenge.

There is an old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It seems in Bill’s world when the going gets tough, it is time to hide.

Perhaps, if Bill’s morning breakfast were to be lacking his milk and toast because the grocery store were closed, he would sing a different song about employee attitude and sense of responsibility.

Gerald Caruso


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