Dear Readers,

Given the urgency of halting the spread of coronavirus, it can feel as though climate change and other grave environmental problems have vanished. They haven’t, and won’t without everybody’s ingenuity, engagement and resolve. Although our entire newsroom is covering the virus and its impacts in Maine, we remain fiercely committed to covering sustainability issues. That effort continues with the our sixth annual Source Sustainability Awards, which culminate June 10 with an awards ceremony at Maine Aubudon’s Gilsland Farm in Falmouth.

You can participate by nominating a Maine individual, nonprofit or business (or even yourself) for a Source Award. We are looking for Mainers contributing to a cleaner, greener environment in fields ranging widely – education, land use, renewable energy, transportation, conservation, farming, fishing, forestry, waste reduction, design and more. We consider all efforts, micro and macro. To nominate, go to; nominations are due this Friday, April 10.

Young farmers, ag-oriented high school seniors and teachers or schools working on an agricultural project are also encouraged to apply for one of three Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association-administered Russell Libby scholarships, which come with a $1,500 award each. You have a little more time to apply for these scholarships; the deadline is April 24.

We remain as committed as ever to honoring the Mainers who work tirelessly to address the formidable environmental issues of time. Unfortunately, these problems will still be with us when the coronavirus is gone.

– Peggy Grodinsky, Source editor

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