A walk in the woods on a sunny day

To the editor,

While Kennebunkport beaches are closed there are still plenty of opportunities to take a walk.

If you haven’t discovered them yet try some of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust trails, there are trail maps on its website, www.kporttrust.org.

There are many places to access them from and some of the most popular ones have limited parking but some others don’t.

On Sunday we parked a parking place on the Clement Huff Road in Cape Porpoise and hiked to the junction or the Cape Porpoise Greenbelt and Tyler Brook Trails, about a hour round-trip.

I guess the next we’ll try to do it all the way to the trust headquarters, about four hours, we’ll pack a lunch and bring a car there to drive back home to Cape Porpoise. As a reminder, the trails are currently closed to bikers.

Bill Case

Lucky to have Hannaford store

To the editor,

While the COVID-19 continues to cause pain and despair, along with significant inconvenience, we remain lucky to have Hannaford’s Kennebunk store in our midst. This particular store continues to evolve in order to serve our needs and as in the past, they do it with a smile on their face, while always going well beyond what is expected. Their remarkable record of professionalism continues to be displayed, each day, through their hiring of the best qualified, competent, pleasant and service-oriented employees.

This particular store is also a leader in helping many local groups and charities, as they go about donating immeasurable quantities of food and staples for needed Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel families, as well as helping with several other fund-raising events and much more.

So, next time we start to throw around that over-used word heroes, let’s be sure to include Hannaford’s management and employees, who frankly remain on the front line every day. It is they who continue to serve us through monitoring safety social distancing, allocating special shopping hours, sanitizing and extra cleaning their store, labeling products, stocking shelves, and doing their part to procure as much fresh produce as possible, even during this pandemic.

Jim Thompson


Small markets step up

To the editor,

I live in a rather small, seaside town in Maine called Kennebunk. Our general population is over the age of 55, so we are definitely a town of senior citizens, many who are disabled and do not drive anymore.

We have no public transportation, so getting around town is a bit tricky and now with the virus almost impossible. But we have such a very long history of community service our two little markets, Cummings’ Market in West Kennebunk and Bradbury’s in Cape Porpoise, have stepped up to make sure people can still get groceries.

So here is to our small town life, its services and the local, dedicated people who always step up in a crisis to support our citizens. Well done.

Kris Archer