Prom was never important to me. I enjoyed dancing amid strobe lights, swaying to the sound of garbled pop and seeing my classmates jump in time to a bass line, but it was never the life-affirming experience most movies would have you believe.

When COVID-19 first forced the closing of Maine schools and prom was canceled, I mentally shrugged. I was disappointed, but dwelling upon such a small sacrifice felt callous when faced with the traumatic news pouring our of New York and California. I never used to dance much anyway. During freshman prom I had forgone dancing altogether, opting to play cards outside with my friend instead. So why did I even care?

Now, a full 24 hours after my senior prom should have taken place I have finally found an answer: I care because I am a graduating senior of Maine Coast Waldorf and I worked 12 years for the chance of playing cards outside a crowded dancing hall one last time. I studied, and listened, and put in my hours, and I should be able to watch my friends flail to the tune of unintelligible pop while a rainbow of light washes over us.

I am fully aware that holding prom right now would be moronic, and that many in this world have lost exceedingly more than I, but I mourn the loss nonetheless.

Myah Garrison

New Gloucester

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