Transparency and accountability are vital to our democracy, especially as trillions of dollars are being spent as part of the fight against COVID-19. It is essential that our money is spent for the right purposes – these are our tax dollars, and we will be paying off the accumulated debt for many years to come.

Since April, President Trump has ousted two inspectors general, removed Glenn Fine from his role as the leader of the oversight panel for pandemic relief and, on May 15, removed Steve Linick as inspector general for the State Department. Transparency and accountability are being systematically undermined, and Sen. Collins has failed to make a serious effort to hold the president responsible.

Despite having been a co-author of 2008 legislation that prohibits the firing of inspectors general by the president without a valid reason, Sen. Collins fails to demand accountability for these firings, or to join with others, including Sen. Mitt Romney, to condemn the actions. It is an all-too-familiar pattern: a furrowed brow, expressions of “concern” and no action. Her legacy will be a record of empty rhetoric followed by a failure to make a difference when she can through her votes as our senator.

We need a senator who will stand up for accountability in government and not just wring her hands. It is time for Maine to say bye-bye Susan.

Nils Tcheyan

Orrs Island

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