I would encourage everyone in Yarmouth, Chebeague and Long Island to vote July 14 for Heather Abbott for state representative in the Maine House District 47 Democratic primary.

I’ve known Heather as a mother, a community volunteer and as a person of integrity in our community for several years. Heather has consistently proven her commitment and passion to give back to her community. This strength will make her the perfect representative.

Heather and I met shortly after I migrated to the United States and made Yarmouth my new home. The Abbotts are a loving and kind family. Heather was there when I needed help navigating into this new life, and she invited me to dinner with her amazing husband and three precious children.

Heather sees challenges people face, speaks clearly about them and is dedicated to building our community to be the best that it can be. Please vote for Heather Abbott for the Democratic nomination for state representative this July 14.

Abdi Iftin


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