I don’t want my husband to become another statistic. His name was Richard Davis and he died on May 26 – one day after his 61st birthday.

He did not die from COVID-19. He died because doctors think it’s OK to not see patients who may have other underlying health issues. Do I think that if his doctor had taken the time to see him, he wouldn’t have died? Yes, I do.

He had Lyme disease and some other underlying issues, but when he called his doctor, they sent him to a COVID testing tent on May 18. (He had called at least two or three times prior.)

When he arrived they wouldn’t test him because he didn’t have a fever. They prescribed him an inhaler and water pills. He had gained probably 20 pounds in three weeks. Two days later, I had to call an ambulance because he was not responsive to my voice or commands.

By the time I arrived at Maine Medical Center, he was already on a ventilator. MMC took wonderful care of him. But a blood infection, sepsis, pneumonia and organ shutdown were too much for him to fight.

He tested negative twice in the hospital for COVID. There are other illnesses out there besides COVID that people are dying from.

Please, doctors – listen to your patients. Don’t let any others die unnecessarily.

Linda Davis


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