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From the valedictorian

“Even though the Class of 2020 was thrust into a situation that caused us to end our high school lives earlier, it amazes me to see how everyone adjusted to this unusual situation. We had to sacrifice some of our time, but it also allowed us to focus on some other things in life that we might’ve not paid attention to before. The loss of our time in school may mean that we were forced to throw away some of the last parts of our childhood, but there should be no regrets in how you spent the other years of your high school life. In the remaining time we have, we should look for the opportunities that we have not found and help others along the way.”

Eleina Sturk

Top 10 scholars

Eleina Sturk, Valedictorian

Julia Murch, Salutatorian

Erik Christiansen

Philip Ganem

Paige Goldstein

Carter Hall

Nicholas Hall

Ellery Hunt

Grace Plummer

Kaitlyn Plummer

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