1 p.m. Sunday, June 14, location to be announced

From the co-valedictorians

“It has been pretty difficult, not just because we’re losing our prom and Project Graduation, but we didn’t know we were never going to step back into the school when we left on that Friday. We lost our last spring sports season, so for me that has been difficult.

“For me, this virus was something bigger than school and sports. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves, as a lot of people have lost a lot more than a season or their final few months of school. You just need to make sure you hug everyone a little bit tighter because you never know what is going to happen. We need to appreciate what we have, appreciate our teachers and the faculty at Mt. Ararat. There are those who have helped us in the community. If you haven’t lived in the moment, that is disappointing. I hope the underclassmen treasure their time.

“The school is doing a great job for us seniors. They have worked so hard in trying to make things happen for us.”

Lisandro Berry-Gaviria

“All through our time in high school, we looked up to those seniors, knowing that we would get to participate one day in the prom and Project Graduation. It has been difficult knowing that those plans changed. In March. We didn’t know that last day of school was going to be our last day of school. But it was. For us, graduation will be a special moment. We have gone through so much. Though it has been hard not seeing our classmates these last two months, I am confident that June 14 will be a great time, a great celebration of our time here. We know that there will be an end to this virus some day, and when that occurs we will get to do the things that we wanted to do. For now, we just have to appreciate what we have and look forward to the future.”


Alexa Eaton

“I kind of knew since I had the 4.0 all year. They congratulated me (in a) meeting. It was a Google meeting with all the 10 students.

“I know it’s a big honor, but at the same time it’s never been a big deal to me. I have been working hard and not focused on the clout. It definitely was odd, but I don’t mind not getting a big recognition. I’m choosing to not do a speech because I am not in it for that recognition.”

Riley Lapointe

“This was supposed to be our best year, and we have had a lot taken away. But I feel this will make each of us resilient. This is something that we couldn’t control. It’s important to be grateful for what we have and think of the bright days ahead.

“Personally at our graduation, I want to meet up with my friends. Maybe we can gather later this year when things get back to normal and have our prom. It is going to be great to walk across that stage and get my diploma. I am grateful that the school is trying its best to do this for us.”


Grace Trebilcock

Top 10 scholars

Lisandro Berry-Gaviria, Co-valedictorian

Alexa Eaton, Co-valedictorian

Riley Lapointe, Co-valedictorian








Grace Trebilcock, Co-valedictorian

Anna Cox

Dakota Karcz

Emma Lapreziosa

Annabella Perron

Brennan Thiboutot

Caroline Thompson

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