Virtual ceremony at noon Sunday, June 7; five mini in-person ceremonies follow at local schools

From the valedictorian

“Graduation is rather bittersweet – it’s sad that we won’t be able to meet again in the hallways of South Portland High School and that we’re going to go our separate ways in the coming months. But, at the same time, it’s exciting to see everyone flourish and really go after what they’re destined for. As my mother says, we are birds leaving the nest, ready to find a new adventure, wherever and whatever that may be. With that in mind, even though we’re all going to be off on our own and concluding our high school careers, graduation actually marks a new beginning in our lives … ”

Emily Peng

Top 15 scholars

Emily Peng, Valedictorian

Thomas DiPhilippo, Salutatorian

Aileen Campbell

Grace Caselden

Isabelle Chase

Emily Dyer

Anna Folley

Eric George

Keenan Jones

Toby Laber-Smith

Amelia McNeil-Maddox

Annika Schmitt

Madison Stroute

Oscar Sullivan

Margaret Whitmore

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