South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough (down the coast to Higgins Beach) are impacted greatly by oil tankers, the threat of tar sands and other potential poisons to our air and water quality.

Eben Rose, a knowledgable, energetic candidate who thinks outside the box, would be an asset in the Maine Senate. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Eben during the tar sands debacle seven years ago, and he was totally committed to the cause, working diligently to get things done.

Not only did he canvass and go to all Clear Skies and town hall meetings, but he also did research, spoke publicly both locally and statewide and addressed the oil companies and all those involved.

Eben is experienced, enthusiastic, driven and knows how to get things done. Always politically active, he has continually been involved and concerned with the well-being of our community. As a Maine state senator, Eben would be empowered to do so much more.

I encourage people to vote for him in the July 14 Democratic primary in District 29. In this day of divisive politics, Eben is a Clean Elections candidate and can get things done, always with the community’s best interest at heart.

Nancy Wallerstein

South Portland

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