I have supported Republican candidates in the past and am saddened by the party’s hypocrisy, demonstrated in their anti-democratic (note the small “d”) opposition to Ranked Choice Voting.

Exhibit A supporting my accusation is clause 2.3(c) of “The Rules of the Maine Republican Party,”requiring Ranked Choice Voting for the election of all party officers. The message seems to be that ranked choice voting is good for “smart” Republicans but “too complicated all you dumbbells.”

Today’s Republicans realize that most Mainers, statewide, don’t like their policies or their candidates and that the only way GOP candidates can win statewide elections is by dividing the opposition and getting plurality victories on the initial vote. Their dogged opposition to ranked-choice voting, a policy approved by a majority of Mainers in two prior elections, is a sad commentary on Republican unwillingness to recognize that we’re wise to them.

Charles Graham

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