If I admired President Trump, I would be upset, like Charles M. Todorich in last Sunday’s Another View guest editorial, about Bill Nemitz’s June 4 column calling our president “a weak man,” “a pathological liar,” “utterly lacking in moral fiber,” etc.

But wait. Trump is the one who started using this sort of language against his enemies and even some of his fellow Republicans. Here are just a few: Elizabeth Warren – “a fraud”; conservative columnist George Will – “broken down”; Hillary Clinton – “crooked,” “heartless,” “hypocrite”; James Comey – “slimeball”; Nancy Pelosi – “High Crime Nancy”; talk show host Tavis Smiley – “hater & racist”; Robert Mueller’s investigative team – “angry Democrat thugs.” He accuses the U.S. Justice Department of lying and corruption and calls our beloved country “a dumping ground” for the world.

How do you like having a president who sets this tone?

Victoria Adams


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