In response to Bill Nemitz’s July 1 column, “Collins stumbles over another promise made – and broken”:

As a lifelong Mainer, I’m no stranger to Susan Collins proving time and time again that she’s not on our side. She’s taken massive donations from pharmaceutical companies, the insurance industry and from Bath Iron Works’ competitors.

And when folks like myself told her we would raise money for her opponent in the next election if she voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, she still chose to put her support behind him. Her vote betrayed Maine – just like her vote for President Trump’s tax cuts for the rich and her votes allowing him to pack the courts.

Mainers like myself have helped raise $4 million through small-dollar donations to ensure that the Democratic primary winner has the support they need. It’s clear Susan Collins has lost touch with Maine, and we must hold her accountable and vote her out.

Elek Pew

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