On the anniversary of D-Day I talked to my 95-year-old mom. A widow of a WWII veteran (OSS), a Rosie the Riveter herself, she regretted the lack of celebration. We discussed that there is so much news, sometimes really important things are squeezed out. The news story about the Russians paying bounties to Afghan militants who kill Americans has horrified both of us, especially since the Trump Administration has had virtually no reaction.

All of this time (well, since forever) Trump has valued his “friendship” with Putin over everything else. Is it blackmail over personal behavior or financial dealings? I am not a conspiracy theorist, but have the Russians perfected some kind of mind control? There are only two things on which Trump is consistent: Putin, and a racist reaction to every possible situation. I think racism is part of his soul, but where did the love of Putin comes from? And why do people who have reputations built over decades believe that they can become enmeshed with him and survive?

Or ask the families of more than 135,000 people who have died of COVID-19 due largely to lack of effort from the White House.

To honor the service of my parents and other veterans, I hope that all of us will vote for someone who cares about the lives of all Americans.

Christine Carter

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