Central Maine Power Co. has launched an incentive program for the installation of high-power electric vehicle charging stations as part of a state effort to understand consumer funding preferences.

The pilot program, announced Tuesday, seeks to determine what incentives are more valued by developers, fleet managers, municipal planners and others who decide to install more expensive but faster “level 2” chargers. It will offer up to $4,000 toward the cost of installing the charging stations, CMP said.

The program was approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to promote the beneficial electrification of the transportation sector, part of a package passed last year by the Legislature. It’s intended for applicants installing chargers in workplaces and public spaces including municipalities, multi-unit residences, company garages and commercial spaces.

Efficiency Maine Trust also is conducting a parallel statewide effort as part of the same program. The agency will offer rebates to applicants, who will then purchase and install their own electrical infrastructure to connect to the charging pads.

In CMP’s pilot, the utility is offering a “make-ready” solution and will install, maintain and retain ownership of the electrical infrastructure needed to connect to the charging pads. The company will offer up to $4,000 toward the cost of installing a minimum of four “plugs.”

Level 2 EV chargers are 240 volts and must be professionally installed. They typically charge vehicles five times faster than “level 1,” 120-volt chargers, which connect to a standard wall outlet.


“Transportation currently accounts for half of Maine’s greenhouse gas emissions tied to fossil fuel combustion, so it is imperative we all work together to find solutions that enable EV expansion,” said Jason Rauch, energy, environmental and regulatory policy manager for CMP. “The location and availability of chargers is one of the most important factors people consider as they decide whether to purchase an EV.

South Portland-based ReVision Energy is partnering with CMP to perform the infrastructure installation.

CMP’s make-ready grant program will be conducted through an open enrollment process. It requires applicants to complete a program application form found on CMP’s website.

Selection criteria will be used to determine which applicants will be chosen. Preference will be given to networked installations, rather than to basic chargers.

The review process will begin Oct. 1, according to CMP. Applications will be considered on a first-applied, first-reviewed basis.

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