What is really best for Maine? Sen. Susan Collins. Period. Sen. Collins is earnest and listens to the people of her state. She stands up for what she believes in. She has the typical Maine work ethic and demonstrates it by never missing a vote: Ever.

Sen. Collins has seniority in Washington and that seniority benefits Mainers. Whether it’s Veterans Affairs, BIW, aging, defense, energy, transportation, intelligence: Sen. Collins has always had our back.

Being the most bipartisan senator in this time of incivility and divisiveness is a remarkable and admirable distinction.
Her opponent is not from Maine and comes here trying to change Maine and make it more like where she is from. We like Maine. Leave it alone! We do not need a freshman senator in D.C. now. We need experience.

All of this out-of-state political action committee money flooding Maine makes me ill – and it’s all intended to flip one Senate seat.
Voters in Maine need to focus on what will be in our best interest: we need to vote for Sen. Collins.

Kevin C. Hughes

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