I encourage my fellow Scarborough residents to vote for Jean-Marie Caterina, John Cloutier and Nick McGee for Scarborough Town Council.

As the chair of the Ordinance Committee, Councilor Caterina knows how to bring differing views together to reach reasonable solutions. Moreover, her persistence is the sole reason why the Senior Property Tax Credit was increased from $600-$750 this year.

John Cloutier is the most analytical and strategic thinker on the council.¬† He often does deep and thorough research and financial modeling that helps inform all of the other councilors’ decisions.

Finally, I ask the people of Scarborough to vote for Nick McGee. Nick has been on the Planning Board for the past seven years, serving as the chair for the past two. The Scarborough Town Council needs Nick’s planning expertise as we move forward with The Downs development and all the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Paul Johnson