Support Jonathan Anderson for Town Council

To the editor,

I met Jonathan Anderson when Scarborough Community Connections formed.  He quickly stepped up in to lead and drive our newly formed group forward. Not only does his listen to the other team members, but he was focused and pushed the team to focus on delivering results. I’ve seen him respectfully disagree with members of our team, but also look for common solutions that helped us move past any roadblocks. The more I’ve learned about Jonathan, the more I think he is what our community needs right now. His background working for the federal government and large corporations will help him address or growing and complex challenges as a community. We need to get our finances in order and have a plan to address our investment needs. Jonathan has done it before, and I think he can do it for our Town. Please vote for Jonathan Anderson for Town Council.

Phillip R LaRou Jr.

To the editor,

I’ve worked with Jonathan Anderson for four years. He is collaborative, listens and leads teams to success. One thing I recall from ‘Candidates Night’ is his ability to actively listen to what others have to say and build upon it. Many times throughout the night, he’d acknowledge a good idea from one candidate and offer additional solutions. He and I work for the same local company and I’d say that this is something he does quite well and consistently, which ultimately brings people together to achieve desired results. Not only have I seen him do well in the workplace, I’ve also seen him do well on the field! I had the pleasure of coaching t-ball with Jonathan with a bunch for 4 and 5 year olds. Although he could certainly work on his swing, he is a great dad who cares about our community and our children and would be an excellent Councilor. I hope you will vote for Jonathan for Town Council by Nov. 3.


Mike Briere

To the editor,

I have known Jonathan Anderson through our work together on Scarborough Community Connections, a volunteer group focused on fostering civil dialogue in our town. I have always been impressed by what a great listener Jonathan is, how he treats every opinion with respect, and responds thoughtfully, often with new or creative ideas. I know that Jonathan has experience and expertise in strategic planning and management, as well as finance. These are important skills for any member of a deliberative body, such as the Scarborough Town Council. In addition, he believes in sustainable, well-planned, and financially feasible growth for our community. Jonathan focuses on making decisions based on data, as well as community needs. I know that Jonathan would serve Scarborough’s interests well on the Town Council so I will vote for him this November and I hope you will, too!

Maggie Vishneau

Vote Nick McGee for Council

To the editor,


SMARTaxes, Scarborough’s taxpayer advocacy group, is pleased to endorse Nick McGee in the Nov. 3 Town Council election. Nick has a practical view on the main challenges that face Scarborough – rapid growth and development, fiscal responsibility/taxes and school facility needs.

As a member of the Town’s Planning Board for the last seven years, Nick has gained significant insight into these issues. His willingness to listen to all points of view and his business experience will be a tremendous asset to the Town Council. More about Nick’s background and his thoughtful positions on the issues may be found on his website:

We believe that Nick will be a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility, reasonable taxes and sensible growth management.

Five candidates are running to fill three vacant Town Council seats. After reviewing the candidates, SMARTaxes concluded that we can only endorse Nick McGee as a candidate who will advocate for reasonable taxes. While there are three open seats, a voter is certainly free to vote for fewer than three candidates if the voter cannot find candidates who support his/her positions.

We urge concerned taxpayers to vote for Nick McGee.

Larry Hartwell


To the editor,

I’m writing in support for Nick McGee for a seat on the Town Council. I’ve had several conversations with Nick over the past few weeks and as a lifelong resident of Scarborough I believe he would be a tremendous asset to our community in a position on our Town Council.

Having served on the Planning Board for seven years, he’s asked to uphold various land use ordinances. He now feels the time is right to put that experience forward to help shape and influence those ordinances to address the challenges we face with the rapid growth that we’ve seen over the past few years. He recognizes that this rapid growth has put strains on our traffic, schools, public services and debt. Nick not only has the experience, but the knowledge and desire to change the outlook of Scarborough to be in more of a preservation mode than a rapid growth mode. He has the best intentions for the town he’s lived in for years and wants Scarborough to be more thoughful with regards to how we grow, at what rate and at an affordable rate for everyone!

Most importantly as well, I know Nick to be very respectful, approachable and would listen to any concerns a citizen may have.

To me those are important attributes that any town councilor representing constituents of our town should have! All that and his love for Scarborough and its citizens are why I’m voting for Nick McGee for Town Council! I hope you’ll join me!

Paula Corbeau-O’Brien


To the editor,

Over the course of the 18+ months that the Verizon cell tower proposal was before the Scarborough Planning Board, I had the chance, many times, to see Nick McGee at work. In my opinion, all that can be asked of a public official is that she/he is thoughtful, hard working, and fair. And, while I imagine that those three qualities may be applied to every member of the Planning Board, for those of us who become involved in certain issues and not every single one, sometimes those qualities are not always recognizable in every single member. They were always recognizable in Nick McGee, at every single meeting.

With the cell tower, Nick was a board member. Later, when I joined the marijuana ordinance and Scarborough Beach overflow parking lot issues and discovered that Nick McGee had become its president, I was literally delighted. As you can tell, I do not know Mr. McGee personally. Other than from the podium during meetings, I have never spoken to him. To me though, he is the embodiment of what you want in a public official. I think he would make a great Town Council member.

Marvin Gates

Leanne Kazilionis for School Board

To the editor,


Leanne Kazilionis is the current chair of the Scarborough School Board and seeking reelection for a 3-year term. In these past three years, Leanne has been a consistent leader. In her first year on the School Board, Leanne was finance chair, where, as a member of a four-person board, she put forward a successful budget that passed on the first vote. She went straight to being elected as chair of the board in her second year and with five newly elected officials. Each of these years, the school budget passed with excellent margins and included new investments in our schools. Additionally, she worked hard to start the conversation about a new primary school, to hire a new superintendent, and to develop a successful budget during a pandemic while also working to support the schools. Leanne has true grit. She also is committed to civil dialogue with the community, and to hearing feedback from teachers and school leadership. Please join me in re-electing Leanne Kazilionis for Scarborough School Board.

Jillian Trapini-Huff

To the editor,

In baseball, they call a player who just does his job, doesn’t seek headlines, and just wants to help the team win — “a pro.”

That is what Leanne Kazilionis has reminded me of during her time on the School Board.

It was only a few years ago that each annual school budget vote, put to town referendum, was a series of debacles.


Controversies. Name calling. Repeated votes necessary to pass a budget. Recall elections.

Leanne Kazilionis helped change the culture. She brought a reasoned, mature, factual, orderly approach to the budget process. The result?

Budgets now pass easily.

The public asks questions. They get courteous, responsive answers.

This is exactly what I want from my town and school government — mature adults who know how to act in a civilized fashion and be good role models for our children.

I will be voting for Ms. Kazilionis for Scarborough school board on Nov. 3.


I hope others join me.

Dan Warren

Elect Mary Shannon Lindstrom

To the editor,

Mary Shannon Lindstrom will be an excellent addition to the Board of Education. As a mother, small business owner, and with a background in financial management and public policy, Shannon will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Board. As a mother with children in our schools, she has first hand experience of our children and family’s needs as we navigate the hybrid/virtual learning model due to COVID. As a successful small business owner, she knows how to think innovatively and will bring that same innovation to our schools to address our challenges. Her background in financial counseling and literacy will not only help shape sound financial policies for our Schools, it can help expand financial literacy and provide our students important life skills, particularly at a time when student loan debt has prevented many young individuals from thriving. Her degree in public policy from one of the top leading academic institutions in our nation shows she has the critical thinking and analytical skills to address complex policy challenges in our schools. However, above all else, Mary Shannon is kind and cares about our students and school staff. She will put her heart and soul into helping them succeed. Please join me in voting for Mary Shannon Lindstrom for the Board of Education by Nov. 3!

Jonathan Anderson


To the editor,

My law office is 343 feet away from my alma mater, ScarboroUgh High School.

For 38 years, I have worked with kids from SHS on sports teams, the mock trial team, or as interns at my law firm.

Too often, I have found they don’t have a good grasp of money, or financial issues.

They don’t know how to balance a checkbook. They don’t know how to make change as a cashier at a local retail shop.

This is one of the big reasons I am supporting Shannon Lindstrom for Scarborough School Board.


Her background as a financial counselor will help the School Board put together programs in the Scarborough schools to help students gain these skills.

It is long overdue.

On Nov. 3, I’ll be voting for Shannon Lindstrom for Scarborough School Board.

I hope others will join me too.

Dan Warren

Vote Sophie Warren for House 29


To the editor,

I am proud to say I am voting for Sophie Warren for state representative for the coastal district of Scarborough. Sophie is a very impressive candidate who has worked very hard to reach out to citizens of our district to hear concerns and share her views on state government. Sophie is an excellent communicator and organizer who knows how to get things done. She has demonstrated a strong work ethic during the campaign which she will bring to her duties as a legislator. She is very intelligent, has an impressive background and a wonderfully outgoing, friendly personality. Her family has well-established roots in Scarborough and she will carry out their devotion to service to the community. I know she will devote a great deal of time representing the district very well and believe she deserves our votes. I strongly endorse Sophie Warren and urge you to consider her for state representative to the Maine Legislature.

John Thurlow

To the editor,

I am supporting Sophie Warren for Maine House of Representatives, Scarborough Coastal District 29. I am a lifelong Democrat, from a family of strong Democrats, but I am supporting Sophie, who is running as an Independent, because I think our political world needs new perspective, energy and fresh ideas.

I have had a chance to meet Sophie, and see her in action on the campaign trail. She cares deeply about her hometown of Scarborough, and helping us through the coronavirus crisis, and battling climate change.


I think she would do a great job for us in Augusta.

On Nov. 3, I’ll be voting for Sophie Warren for state representative. I hope my friends will consider supporting her to.

Becky Sanford Dyer

To the editor,

Sophie Warren earned my vote to represent Scarborough. She deserves your support too.

We need more voices like Sophie’s. She brings new ideas, a positive outlook, and a collaborative approach – which will make her a successful representative.


Her campaign as an Independent, against two entrenched partisan figures, has been inspiring. She is working harder than her opponents, without the benefit of ads that are “Paid For By” the political parties. In Augusta, she will be among the hardest working legislators.

Sophie is focused on issues that matters to voters; protecting our environment, access to health care, and recovering economically from the ongoing pandemic.

Most importantly, she actually listens and responds to voters, and is not beholden to either political party. Her Scarborough roots run deep, and that’s how you know she will stay connected, be your voice, and keep you informed.

I strongly urge you to support Sophie Warren for Scarborough

Fmr. Rep. Sean Flaherty

Elect Anne Carney, SD 29
To the editor:


I am writing in support of Anne Carney, candidate for State Senate District 29. I have known Anne for over 20 years and have been impressed with her work as an attorney and as a community volunteer.

As a member of the Maine House of Representatives, Anne has had a significant role in passing laws that improve and protect Maine’s workplaces, including accommodation for pregnant workers, enforcement of the Equal Pay Act and the new earned paid leave time off law. Anne has worked tirelessly to improve access to health care, especially for children, and this will have a positive impact on the economic security of working families.

Anne has also been a leader in environmental protection legislation. She helped write the oil cleanup and financial responsibility law that was enacted this year by the legislature.

Anne’s experience as an attorney, a community volunteer and a legislator make her well qualified to tackle the many issues that face the State of Maine and the residents of Senate District 29 in the next legislative session.

I urge you to vote for Anne Carney in the Nov. 3 election.

Patricia M. Dunn


Vote Stacy Brenner for SD 30

To the editor,

We have resided in Scarborough for over 27 years and are happy to support Stacy Brenner for Senate District 30. We met Stacy and John the first summer that they offered a CSA at Broadturn Farm 14 years ago. We were excited to see that the vacant farm was going to be run by Stacy and John as a unique partnership with the Scarborough Land Trust. We have watched this farm grow due to the hard work and dedication of Stacy, John and their family. Our weekly visits to the farm for produce and flowers gave us an inside look at the inner workings of a farm. Stacy always finds the time to stop and talk even on the busiest days. We thoroughly share her commitment to good food that is local, sustainable and easily accessible for everyone. Stacy understands the relationship between food, farms, climate and health. That can be seen in her dedication to the farm and the local community, by being actively involved in the Maine Farmland Trust and the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. Stacy’s return to work as a nurse at Mercy Hospital during a global pandemic shows her care and concern for the community as well as supplementing their income due to the loss of revenue at their farm from weddings being cancelled this year. She knows what it is like to work hard and persevere during the down times. Stacy is aware of the challenges facing small businesses throughout Maine and will be a strong advocate in Augusta for the citizens of Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton. We need someone in Augusta who will be a voice for our community, someone who listens and understands the issues in our district and that person is Stacy. Please join us in voting for Stacy Brenner for Senate District 30.

Heather and Neil Jamieson

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