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This winter, the only indoor space we will likely be visiting is our homes. This is a reminder to order your needed winter outdoor gear before things sell out. But if you’re looking to cozy down inside, here are some ideas to make a vacation vibe right in your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Indoor camping

Camp out in the living room: Unroll the sleeping bags or pitch a tent if you have the space. Perhaps a blanket fort is in order, kids at home or not. A star projector will turn the ceiling into the night sky. Pictured is the most accurate home planetarium, but there are less pricey and still mesmerizing options. Then, you can make dessert over an indoor s’mores maker.

Sega Homestar Flux is $229 at Sterno Family Fun S’Mores Maker is $19 at








Hotel breakfast

A waffle iron is a real extra kitchen gadget, so try something small. This mini maker will finish that second waffle right as you finish eating your first. Winter is citrus season and this 5-cup juicer creates a small morning indulgence of fresh squeezed OJ.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker is $12 at Big Boss 9088 electric juicer is $15 at









Spa day

Got a bathtub? With some candles, incense, oils or bath bombs, it’s now a luxury hot tub. Got a shower? Get a shower seat and catch some rain therapy. Consider adding living plants if you have the natural light, but fake succulents just need dusting every once in a while. Buy a pre-made arrangement or build your own during a fun craft-ernoon.

Nocera teak shower bench is $124 at Fake succulents range from $4 to $16 at







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