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Come January, a host of new procedures will be federally approved for telehealth services, an area of medical care that has exploded since the start of the pandemic. Providers have seen increased patient access and cost savings from telehealth services, while patients get more convenient care. Several Maine companies that self insure are incorporating telehealth services into their coverage plans, perhaps hoping for results like one New York company that saw employee participation rates in diabetes screening jump from 40 percent to 90 percent when it was offered as a telehealth service. But barriers remain, especially around payment parity for providers and the sketchy nature of rural broadband in Maine.

Discussion will be moderated by Business Projects Editor Carol Coultas.

On the panel:

Danielle Louder, Northeast Telehealth Resource Center

Danielle Louder is Program Director for the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC), where she leads efforts focused on implementation and growth of telehealth programs throughout the NETRC region, (New England, New York and New Jersey). This includes collaborating with colleagues from the University of Vermont Telemedicine Program to carry out regional efforts, and with the National Consortium of TRCs on nation-wide efforts to advance the reach and impact of telehealth. Ms. Louder also serves as Co-Director of Medical Care Development’s Public Health Division.

Robert Sprang, Director of Kentucky TeleCare, University of Kentucky

Rob Sprang, MBA, has led the Kentucky TeleCare initiative at the University of Kentucky since 1996 and has been involved with improving the legal, regulatory and policymaking environment, at both the state and federal level. Rob has led telehealth initiatives to bring needed health care services to rural hospitals and clinics, correctional facilities and other community-based health care locations as well as developing a network of workplace/industrial site clinics to serve the needs of employees that face staggering health problems.

Jasmine Bishop, Director of Telehealth, MaineHealth






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