I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful corner of the world and to serve a community of optimistic, hardworking and truly caring citizens. My deepest gratitude goes to the citizens of South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough for placing your trust in me for eight productive years as your state senator. I learned so much about governance, policy, process and just how much responsible government can do to help improve lives, families and communities.

As I return to Augusta as Cape Elizabeth’s state representative, I will continue to work for cleaner air and water, renewable energy, child care and education policies that support our working families, property tax relief, a globally competitive workforce and affordable quality health care. These must remain our goals even as we focus on mitigating the economic and human fallout of this horrible pandemic. These challenging times will require cooperation and compassion as we move forward together to build resilient and strong communities. I encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts and concerns so I can be of help.

I am deeply grateful for your trust in my service as your senator these past eight years and for Cape Elizabeth electing me to serve as their state representative.

Rebecca Millett
Cape Elizabeth