He sits at the Resolute Desk, wearing a red MAGA hat, as Fox News drones on in the background substituting for all the intelligence briefings shoved to a far corner of the desk. He’s planning a Rose Garden update on the COVID-19 virus, where he’ll again proclaim greatness in leadership while lashing out at “fake news” for not giving him credit; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for not immediately endorsing the latest pre-trial vaccine, and Pfizer for not announcing their successful trials before the election that was rigged and stolen from him by the “deep state.”

I’m reminded of a quote from “Stay Hidden” by Maine writer Paul Doiron: “Like one of those monarchs who lives too long and spends his final days watching his dynasty dribble away like sand through his grasping fingers.”

One wonders what a former president who doesn’t read or write, other than his Sharpie signature scrawl, will put on display at his library. Maybe an old MAGA hat, that beautiful letter from Kim Jong-un, a piece of that wall Mexico paid for, his golf bag and clubs and all those copies of tax returns he promised us?

John Stevens

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