If you are choosing not to ask people to wear a face covering, then you are part of the virus transmission problem, not a part of the solution.

There is only one right answer from a person not wearing a face covering: “I have a medical condition.” If you have a whole building of people who have a medical issue with wearing a face covering, then you have a COVID transmission problem.

This is not a candy store – one does not get to pick what flavor truth they wish to eat today. There is a pandemic. Face coverings and distancing are the only ways to stop transmission of a virus without a vaccine.

If you are against ending a virus when you need to participate in mitigating said virus transmission, then you are part of the problem. To subscribe to “individual responsibility” denotes that there is no need for government because people can govern themselves.

Reality: If people did the “right” thing voluntarily, there would be no need for government.

Allowing Americans to decide for themselves what makes them feel safe means that other people who know what is safe are placed at a higher risk. The onus is then on the ones who do gown/mask/glove up to make a living. They must add another layer of protection that does not exist. Protection from apathy regarding ending the transmission of COVID‐19, America’s weakest link.

Susan Memory

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