I truly understand President Trump’s right to call for recounts, etc. in the states with close results. I don’t understand how a president of the USA can cast doubts on the election process.

When he got elected, I read his book (“The Art of the Deal”) to try to understand his philosophy. I understand that he doesn’t like to lose. I don’t know many people who do. From reading the book, I understood he’s a wheeler-dealer and loves the challenge of beating his adversaries. I also get that he won in 2016 because citizens wanted to give a businessman with a business mindset a chance to challenge the politicos and the Washington politicians.

However, if he really and truly loves the country that allowed him to become as successful as he seems to be, then how can he sow the seeds of doubt about a process that allowed him (a non-politician) to get elected to the highest office in the land?

Unfortunately, because of his continued attack on the electoral process, all the volunteers at the polling places and the heart of our democracy, the world sees President Trump as a spoiled brat who takes his football home when his team loses the game! History will judge his behavior as the first president to refuse to acknowledge a defeat, gracefully.

I just hope and pray that he is civilized enough and strong enough to be able to control his base from starting a second civil war. The world is watching to see how we/he handles this monumental moment in time.

Steven C. Pomelow

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